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Plumstead Manor School

Plumstead Manor School
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About Us

For over105 years, Plumstead Manor School and its predecessor, the King's Warren Grammar school, have provided education where girls from the local community have flourished. From this September we have been delighted to accept a mixed intake of girls and boys into our fully inclusive, vibrant and diverse community.  We are now oversubscribed, and I would strongly recommend you find out more about what we have to offer, by coming to see us first hand at one of our many open events and mornings.

We are a thriving and rapidly improved secondary school committed to offering a world-class education to all our young people.  Our core values of success, harmony, excellence and justice mean we aim to release the full potential of every young person.  In their seven year journey with us, we commit to supporting every child to go beyond what they ever thought possible, so they go on to change the world for the better.

High quality teaching, in a safe and happy environment are our recipe for everyone to succeed and flourish in our fully inclusive school.   We don’t believe intelligence is fixed.  In fact we believe the very purpose of school and education is to help young people grow and develop so that they find those things they love doing, and do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off them.  That is why all learning at Plumstead Manor is underpinned by 5 habits, and these habits are the foundation of our rewards system. 

We want our young people to be imaginative, curious, collaborative, disciplined and resilient in all that they do as it is these qualities, these habits which will sustain them through their lives.
We have the highest expectations for academic scholarship, outstanding behaviour and personal development.  We expect our young people to work hard, to show good manners and to make lasting contributions to their school and the wider community.    These are the hallmarks of a Plumstead Manor Education.  We will provide excellent teaching, a broad and balanced curriculum and access to a range of academic and vocational pathways.  However, we go well beyond that, and seek to develop responsible citizens, empowered to make a difference to society, ready for their future lives and careers.

We are careful to nurture and look after all our young people, so that they are known well.  This allows us to personalise our support and challenge for them, and is the basis on which we open up an extensive range of opportunities for them to learn, grow and succeed.   We have a dedicated team of staff responsible for making sure we stretch and challenge our students from the moment they join us.  We offer every young person the chance to taste life at the top universities or to interact with top employers, and we know that this has to be from early on in Key Stage 3.

In 2018 Ofsted said:

The curriculum and enrichment opportunities make a strong contribution to pupils' personal development. Pupils cultivate a sense of communal responsibility and an understanding of life in modern Britain. They leave the school well prepared for the next stages of their lives.